AUDETTE COLLECTION ~ Air-Cooled 911 Lighting

Welcome to the Audette Collection


Received the headlamps this morning and they are just magnificent.  You are an artist!

Rob A

Anybody that has done business with John knows that these lights are the best. I live in the mountains (read lots of deer and now elk) on a tree-lined twisty road. My OEM lights in my 911 were at best terrible. Finally ordered a set from John. Incredible difference. They are engineering works of art.


John, thank you very much for your service and wonderful ethic which is legendary. M also speaks highly of you as is warranted.

MB - New Zealand

I received my lights what can I say they look spectacular! Thanks again for the great communication and quick turn around!

I know of many businesses that could take some lessons from you! Thanks again for everything. All of us air-cooled Porsche fans are appreciative!"

Chris, Florida


I received the lights and just unpacked them. WOW!!! They look amazing and I am completely in shock. Thank you very much and my hats off to you sir.

MB, Seattle

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Porsche Club of America (PCA) tests Audette Collection LED Headlights and Two Others (22 minutes)